Photo-Booth? Forget it! #Formals

Forget your ‘Photo-booth’ – forget the daft hats and the cheesy poses

Wedding Evening Extra!
Wedding Evening Extra!

Bob’s ‘Wedding/Evening Formals’ are totally unique, stunning and enchanting, all at once, – and produced for you on the very evening of your wedding or formal or prom, using our portable mini-lab.

Book now while there’s still availability – ring 07802466302 or email, for availability and a price quote – and don’t settle for anything less than the best.


I want it for FREE! OK! We can charge your guests a small amount per photograph. This is usually around £10 for a 7×5 inch print in a beautiful slip-in mount (£2 from every sale goes to charity)– provided the pictures are paid for at the event. (If the same photo was taken at our studio, the cost would be around £55!) The guests are so pleased with this offer that word quickly spreads round the tables!

When do they get their photos? That very night! We bring a portable mini-lab and can process the pictures right away. The benefit to you is that your guests get their photograph BEFORE THE END OF THE EVENING! That means they go home with a high quality souvenir of their evening out!

How flexible are the poses etc? Naturally we will pose your guests in the best way for each couple or individual. We will usually give them a choice of two poses. Groups and families can also be accommodated – within reason!.

Do we get a choice of background? You can choose from our current background list, as illustrated on our website, including our fabulous Titanic staircase background, and our brand new ‘Frozen’ themed backgrounds.

How do I book? Contact Bob on 07802 466302 to book, or drop us an email. We’ll talk about it just before your wedding.

Is there a deposit? Usually, event organisers will pay a small holding deposit of £25. This is returned in full on the night of the event. Cheques should be made payable Bob McEvoy. Wedding couples needn’t pay any deposit.

How will you tell the guests? Well, first of all, we NEVER go round the tables in your event asking people to come for photos. We will ask the DJ to make an announcement, and we ask that you inform all your friends informally before the formal. Also, if you like, we can supply you with small cards to leave on your tables, or to post with your invitations, if you request them. There is no charge for these cards.