#Randalstown 12th Day Photos

Tuesday, 12th July 2016

Even if you’re not a big fan of marching bands, orange lodges, banners , big crowds and noise, the annual 12th July parades in Northern Ireland are a fertile hunting ground for a photographer with a love for photographing people in reportage style environmental portraits. I always advise avoiding the Belfast parade, – too much ‘in your face’ politics, – so seek out a nice wee country walk, find a quiet spot where there’s not too many people, and aim for the quirky hats, the puffed-out fluters, pipe majors, the big drummers, the colour and the spectacle – try to get the walk home from the demonstration field, – by that time the bandsmen will be letting their hair down a bit, the rules are not so rigid, and funny walks, painted faces and daft headwear make for a more carnival like atmosphere, rather than the stricter, more regimental atmosphere of the outward processions.

This year we watched the return parade at Randalstown, Co. Antrim, and here’s just some of the images captured.  I used the Nikon D610, with a 24-120mm lens, and tried to shoot with a shallow depth of field where possible, so f/4 – f/5.6 were the norms.  I always reckon that if you are putting yourself on public display, with a funny hat or an instrument, you are just asking to be photographed!

But, if you see your face  or your band or banner in these photos, and you want one – PLEASE DON’T JUST STEAL IT!  Contact me by email or text, and make a small donation to my #DogsTrust charity tin, and I’ll email the file to you.

More files to follow!

Banner files are in a separate post.