Dusty the Cocker

Meet DUSTY!  She’s a blue-roan Cocker Spaniel, and she came into the studio today to support #DogsTrust and to enter the National Pet Portrait Awards competition. She could win her owner the national prize of £1000 – and there’s great local prizes too!


Why not enter YOUR best friend too and help DogsTrust make life better for other dogs.  Click:

Pet Portrait Awards

Sleeklens -Workflow for Portraits

I’m a recent convert to Adobe Lightroom.  When digital photography became a serious possibility in the professional photography world, I quickly realised that I was going to need Photoshop skills, but having learned the basics of Photoshop, I was disinclined to have to learn even more new skills. The phrase, ‘Old dogs, new tricks’ comes quickly to mind.  So despite all the seminars and articles extolling the virtues of Lightroom’s Cataloging and Developing capabilities, I flatly refused to have anything to do with it.  Ok.  I’m a Luddite! Continue reading Sleeklens -Workflow for Portraits