Options for Displaying Your Photos at Home

The Best Ways and Options for Displaying Your Photos at Home

You have a wide range of choices for showing off your new pictures. Everything from wall art for all the world to see to photo boxes and books for a more discrete collection of all your photographs.

Framed Wall Art. You can decide from long-lasting wooden frames suitable for a more country or old fashioned home. For modern homes we have modern box mounts with colored or metal edges.

Canvas Wall Art With full wrap canvasses that are set to hang. These canvases do not need a frame. They have a thick base behind them to make them standout on the wall.

Acrylic Wall Art Is very fashionable right now, either with clear or black backgrounds. Very understated and very elegant.

Photo Boxes A very popular choice right now for a collection of prints. All prints are perfectly sized and presented in a traditional box in linen or gloss finishes.

Albums and Coffee Table Books The old fashioned image album is almost a thing of the past now. With modern printing you can have wonderful, modern books that look absolutely amazing.

Screensavers/Slideshows We specialize in producing interesting on-screen displays which can either be used on your computer or shown on your TV screen. For slideshows what can be better than a 5 minute show with songs and movement that really brings home your cherished keepsakes.

You can see lots of samples at the studio or on your viewing selection. You can select from a wide range of colors and styles to fit your decor.

Tips for Including Your Pets in Family Photos.

9 Tips for Including Your Pets in Family Photos.
In principal we enjoy having your pets along for your photoshoot – we are very happy to meet the furry part of your family.

1) Please let us know in advance. There might be things we need to do in the studio to make them safe or provide them water and so on.
2) Be sure your pet will be comfy in a new room. Dogs, tortoises, rabbits and so on are usually pretty relaxed about being in new places. Cats really don’t get on with it all.
3) Bring a collar and lead. During the shoot we might well be able to do without it, or at least hide it away. Outside of the shoot there might be all sorts of reasons why your pet needs to be secure.
4) Bring treats. These are great bribery and we can frequently create poses with your pet looking or waiting for their treat.
5) Bring their preferred toy. The photographer can use it to make certain the pet’s attention is in the right place. We can also use it for some fun games with your animal.
6) Keep your animal cool, especially dogs. If it means coming over in the car with the air conditioning on please do. You don’t want you dog all panting with his tongue hanging out.
7) We know accidents happen, don’t worry about it. If you can take your pet for a short comfort break before the shoot starts that would be great.
8) Give your animal lots of strokes. Despite outward appearances it may still be stressful for them and lots of contact and comfort will help them relax.
9) I’ve never seen an animal react to our studio flashes, the flash is very short and doesn’t seem to bother animals at all.

Flint the Greyhound

Greyhounds are fantastic dogs, and they make really sweet pets.  Very often they are raced to exhaustion and then destroyed when they can race no more, but there are lots of rescued greyhounds living as pets in people’s homes, and enjoying life to the full.  They are so quiet and companionable, and they just love human company.

Today Flint, a rescued Greyhound came with his owners to our Dundonald studio to pose for the camera and to enter the Pet Portrait Awards in support of Dogs Trust.

Here he is, totally chilled out on the studio floor…


Engagement Portraits. 

5 Ideas for Telling Your Love Story in Your Engagement Session
What we want to do is really recount your love story through images. Now some of those will be a range of cuddly, romantic poses. But, how about if we can really personalize it around you.
1) Where did he/she propose? Can we use the spot of the proposal. If it was a restaurant then most owners are really happy to help you re-create the scene. If it was a park then we already have a gorgeous location. If it was on vacation – well we’re game 🙂
2) Where did you meet? Same as the proposal venue, if it was a pub, concert or sports event again the venues are usually really happy to help.

In both cases it is really nice to send them some images afterwards. We will provide the right info and license so the images are properly credited and the venue has our permission to use the images.

3) What are your common hobbies? Do you like dancing, let’s re-create your favorite dance. Do you play sports or support a sports team: sports jerseys, scarves, sports wear all make fantastic props.
4) Do you have pets? Dogs especially are terrific add-ons to your shoot, especially when they are part of your family. Cats don’t usually work so well – they are too lovably self-centred to co-operate. If you have something more exotic like snakes, reptiles or something else then I’m certain we can manage.
5) What about your personalities? Are you quiet and romantic, we can set you up for some pretty, cozy, lovey-dovey photographs. Are you loud and boisterous always out for a good time – then we can do something much more exuberant. And if you want both, then that’s fine. 
All our engagement photoshoots aim to show the whole you and your whole love story, so we like to express both who you are and how happy you are together.

If you would like to reserve your love story photoshoot at Portraits2Go.co.uk then simply phone 07802466302 to make your appointment.