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Funeral Photography?

Why not? We photograph every major event in life; Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Anniversaries… All are recorded in print and left as treasured memories for future generations.  Modern ‘wedding photography’ techniques can also be used to make beautiful, emotional images at funerals, and although this is not a frequent practice here in Northern Ireland, it is more common in England.  So why not preserve a visual record of that final tribute to life? many people today are choosing to have funerals that are a celebration of a life well-lived; services that offer thanks for lives that have touched the lives of many others.

Should such an important event not be adequately recorded for posterity and remembered for many generations to come? Why let the day pass without a visual record?

Funeral Photography

Bob McEvoy offers a compassionate, discrete and reverent service – making a memorial that will forever be a part of your family’s history.  With years of experience in the funeral industry, involvement in hundreds of funerals and formal qualifications in photography, Bob will quietly and discretely make a photographic record of the event in the home to funeral parlour, during the service, during the cortege, at the crematorium or cemetery, and will later present the family with an appropriate gallery of images on-line for you to share via social media or by email, all over the world.


There’s great comfort in memories – let Bob keep your memories of the day alive for you.


FP1 Package.  £275 You get:

  •  Up to three hours on-location photography
  • Post capture image processing and basic enhancement
  • On-line gallery, mobile friendly, and with links to share on social media.
  • All your gallery on a CD-Rom (Copyright free)

FP2 Package.  £425

  • Up to three hours on-location photography
  • Post capture image processing and basic enhancement
  • On-line gallery, mobile friendly, and with links to share on social media.
  • All your gallery on a CD-Rom (Copyright free)
  • Black 8×8 inch Album with 12 Photo-Pages (Photo-montages on some pages)

SORRY: Obviously we can’t show actual images from someone’s funeral .

So – How does it work out on the day?  Obviously every funeral is different, but a typical day might be like this…

The photographer will start by getting images of the rest room etc, then of the family members as they leave, of the hearse etc. None of the images are posed – they are all made in ‘Reportage’ style, where the photographer is just an onlooker – often using a telephoto lens, to be less intrusive.

At the church, the photographer would be no more noticeable than a videographer would be, often less so. Working from the back of the building with a long lens, he can capture some images of tributes being paid, of the coffin entering and leaving the building etc. (If the pastor permits this of course). And if the pastor is willing, perhaps a shot or two of the worship, from further up the church.

Again, as the cortège leaves the church, there is opportunity for a photographic record of the pallbearers and of the people. All the emotion of the event, the greetings, the handshakes and the hugs…

At the graveside, again from a respectable distance, the last tributes are faithfully recorded, and as the family leave the photographer will include an image of the graveside, and the cemetery in general.

All these images will be professionally processed, colour-corrected and balanced, and basic adjustments applied. You will be able to see them the following day (usually – unless the next day is Sunday) on a dedicated private access web-gallery, which allows you to access the gallery from the home screen of your phone, or iPad. You can share the gallery on Facebook etc, and friends abroad can see the images instantly, just by accessing the gallery. (You can’t download from the gallery – the images there are low res, watermarked for security). A few days later you will receive all your images, full res, copyright free and printable on a pen-drive.


If you have chosen the second package we will order you a lovely memorial album with single and composite images, from a professional photo-lab.

Belfast Commercial and Family Photographer

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