It’s GOT TO END sometime!

If you’ll need professional photography for your business or family, – I’m taking provisional bookings for later this year.

Here’s my Roadmap for Life After Lockdown!


AND – there’s my newly built Studio Pod at Ballygowan!  Just wait until the restrictions are lifted, and I’ll welcome pets, babies, passport photo, product shots, headshots etc etc.  It’s not a full sized studio by any means, not even big enough for a decent family group, but it will serve its purposes very well.  It’s all fully insulated, with heating and air-conditioning built in, double glazed and wired.



BOOK NOW and Get your event or product / personnel shoot into the diary for later in the year.



Q. I have a ‘Baby’s First Year’ Package, and the Coronavirus has interrupted my sessions.  What can I do?

A. Don’t panic!  You have two options.

  1. You can book the Studio-Pod at Ballygowan.  This is a properly equipped small professional studio at our home at Ballygowan.  It’s outdoors, so you don’t have to enter the house.  Weather permitting the doors of the pod can be left open, so fresh air is circulating.   There are some things you should know.
    1. Only ONE ADULT can come with a baby into the pod at any time.  
    2. All props used and the studio floor are disinfected and sterilised prior to your visit and after you leave.
    3. The photographer will not touch the baby or you and will endeavour to remain at least 6 feet away from you.
    4. The photographer will wear a mask on request.
    5. If you are suffering any Covid like symptoms please reschedule.
  2. You can TRANSFER your booking to another deal.  This will be especially helpful for clients who are on a ‘Living Social’ or ‘Wowcher’ deal.  For example, you could switch to a ‘Portrait Package,’ previously offered by Groupon at £9, with one visit and a 10×8 inch print. The value is the same as the Baby’s First Year deal.  However, your ‘Baby’s First Year’ Groupon or Wowcher deal does not cover three prints from one or two sittings.

Whichever you decide, it is entirely your choice.  If you would like more information, just phone 07802466302 for a chat.

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