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Having a Social or Event?

Make events both profitable and memorable.  Whether you are organising a sponsored event, a charity ball, a school formal or a competition, – wherever people gather in aid of a good cause, whether they are in fancy dress or a tuxedo and ball gown, our MOBILE STUDIO with ON-SITE PRINTING can make the event memorable while helping you to increase your total funds raised.

Here’s the deal…

We will bring our Mobile Studio to your venue, set up our lights and backdrops, including our fabulous TITANIC backdrop – and print out the best photos of your guests, everyone likes a photo, a memorable record of their night out, and so they can buy their 5×7 inch mounted print right there – you get to decide the prince and the profit that goes to your charity!



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Space Requirements

Please be aware of the space needed for portraiture at your venue. To achieve best results we will need a space of 12 ft wide by 15 ft long. The layout for the event will look something like the diagram below:-


Please ask your venue to make sure that sufficient space will be available on the night. A lobby, conservatory, side-room or other space can be used, but the hotel or other venue needs to be aware of this in advance. It is possible to erect the studio in the function room but this is not advisable, as disco lights will trigger our studio lighting and ruin your photos (Not to mention blow our fuses!). At the same time, if the studio equipment is erected too far away from the function room, it is unlikely that your guests will take advantage of the feature.


Please keep children under control while around the studio equipment.
In any case where a function becomes rowdy, we will conclude our service forthwith.

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