Got An Internet Voucher?

Have you got a voucher from one of the Internet Bulk-Purchasing sites like Groupon, Wowcher or LivingSocial?  Well done!  You’ve grabbed yourself a real bargain.  Please note the following simple terms and conditions:

  • One voucher per studio visit per household per year.
  • May buy two additional as gifts.  (The gift is for a separate photoshoot and complimentary print – not for extra prints).
  • Note carefully any ‘voucher valid until…’ date.
  • Studio bookings are available on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Saturday bookings are popular, so please book early.  Evening appointments on Thursdays by arrangement.
  • Maximum five people. (Two adults, three kids etc)
  • Bookings are subject to availability.


How to work out your voucher value.

Our vouchers sold on Groupon or Wowcher are amazing value. Most of them sell for around £9 but the true value is around £95!*

Here’s what’s included…

  • Studio Visit. £25. Every studio visit costs £25, that includes the photographer’s wages, the light and electricity, rates, rent, upkeep and maintenance, insurance etc etc.
  • Processing Time. £20  After your session at the studio, your images will be professionally processed and prepared for print or digital delivery. This includes expert time in Photoshop, colour balancing, print preparation and ordering etc.
  • Your Outcome £50 – that’s the photograph that’s offered to you on your voucher. It can be a 10×8 inch Art Print, framed. The mounted print would cost £30, and the frame and framing £20. If your voucher is for a 16×12 inch Art print, the print alone sells at £50. PLEASE BE AWARE THE YOUR FREE PRINT WILL HAVE A SMALL PHOTO-SIGNATURE IN THE CORNER.

When you add up all the values,

You are getting £95 worth of professional photography for just £9.

(Your £9 is the marketing company’s fee)

So how do we do it? It’s simple – its a PROMOTION. Every company uses ‘loss-leaders.’  Think of a supermarket that sells a popular product at less than cost price.   They do so to attract customers, in the hope that while the customers are instore to get that product they will also buy some bread, a packet of tea, etc etc.  We do that too, – we give away these deals for free (You get our time, experience, training, equipment, studio time etc completely free – and we even give you a print free!) in the hope that some people will buy extra prints, or book a regularly priced studio session, or an event with us.
All that we ask in return, is that you do not abuse our offer. Because these promotions cost us much more than you have spent, we ask that you understand that vouchers are for one photoshoot, per family/household per year. We cannot accept multiple vouchers or groups with more than one voucher in one session. To put it simply you can’t include the same people in more than one voucher. (This is also stated on the Marketing Company’s terms – one voucher for you, one or two extra vouchers may be purchased to be given as gifts for others.)

* Values based on our current price list below.

What happens when I get my booking?

At your appointment you will be welcomed at our studio.   Come prepared to enjoy yourself!  Everyone likes a selfie – and a studio experience really is the ultimate selfie!

After your photoshoot is over you will be invited back to view your images.  Please make sure to bring your diary or calendar with you so that your viewing can be scheduled.  Before you leave we will give you our standard studio price list, (below) so that you can consider whether you want to upgrade your deal to an inclusive studio package.
At your personal viewing you will see a slide-show overview of the images we have taken at your photoshoot and then you will be able to choose any images or digital files you want.  This is the most exciting part of your studio experience!  And there’s no sales pressure whatsoever.  Unfortunately we cannot retain images from these sessions. due to the amount of vouchers sold.  After your viewing the digital files are deleted.

Help!  ‘I’ve just realised that I’ve bought a voucher but I’ve misunderstood the offer!  What can I do?’ Don’t worry!  It happens from time to time. If you have a Wowcher or Living Social voucher you can easily cancel it and use the credit towards another deal.

I’ve got a voucher for pets/mum and daughter/ etc. Can I bring my whole family?  Theoretically yes…  but please check first. The studio is only for 5 people maximum, including children.   Please also remember that the complimentary print you get is always the one offered on your voucher. For example, if you have a Mother/Daughter voucher your free print is a mother/daughter image – not a family image.

Can you refund the money?’  Unfortunately not. Since we don’t actually receive any payment from the marketing company we don’t hold your payment and can’t therefore return it.

Will you pressurise me to spend £1000’s?  No – we believe in openness and honesty and there are no shocks, so here’s our studio price list in advance.  Single prints are inefficient and expensive for us, so we encourage our customers to go for studio packages, which are much better value.





Enjoy your Studio Experience!

Belfast Commercial and Family Photographer

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