Data Protection and Our Clients


Studio Visits.  At your studio visit, the photographer will explain our data protection policies to you, and ask you to initial a section on the studio contract to indicate that he has done so.


We value our customers and we promise that when you provide us with information about yourself (data) we will treat it with respect.  Here’s our data policy:-

  1. YOUR DATA. We ask you to provide us with personal data for the purpose of informing you about the progress of your session and any orders placed following it. We NEVER SHARE YOUR DATA WITH THIRD PARTIES. Very occasionally we may use your data to advise you about offers and promotions from ourselves only. You may request to see what data we hold on you at any time, in writing. You have the right to ask us to remove your data from our database. Such requests must be in writing.
  2. YOUR VISUAL IMAGES. Your visual images made during any session are regarded as ‘data’ for the purposes of this contract and the relevant regulations. Unless you instruct us not to, we will ERASE and DELETE all your images from our galleries and hard drives after the viewing. The only exceptions are those images which are  stored awaiting transfer to a laboratory, entered into a competition, or are used for advertising or publicity.
  3. PUBLICITY & SOCIAL MEDIA. Sometimes we publish selected photographs on our website, and/or on social media as a preview of your gallery. If you do NOT want any publicity, please tick the appropriate box on the agreement form.

At EVERY studio visit we will draw these policies to your attention and ask you to initial the contract accordingly.

Commercial and Family Photographer

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