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Help!  Where’s my proofs?

If you’ve been to the studio for a photo-shoot, or you’ve attended an event where we were shooting, you’ll want to see the photographs we have taken.

If you have a ‘Complimentary package’ (Wowcher, Groupon or Living Social, for example, or a National Portrait Awards session, or a visit with no selected package pre-purchased) you’ll be invited back to the studio to view your images and chose which photographs you like.  If you would prefer a web gallery, please mention this to the photographer.  Web galleries cost £20 to set up, and we take payment for this before the gallery goes online.  You’ll also receive a £20 discount off any prints purchased, to offset this cost.

If you have a Pre-Paid digital package (Studio Platinum, or Gold) then a web gallery is included in the price.

You can find your on-line proofs easily by clicking this link

Proof Galleries

or typing this line into your browser:-

That link takes you directly to our proof galleries, where you can see your photos, watch a slide-show, share to social media, choose favourites, and of course buy prints and full resolution digital images.

Have a look now!

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