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Templemore Baths, Belfast

Here’s a building that’s been part of the East Belfast community since 1893.  It was originally built to facilitate hygiene requirements by the City Corporation, for many of the houses in the terraced streets around the building had only outside toilets, and no bathrooms.  So, the council built the public baths…


I have passed the building on many, many occasions, but rarely can it be found without cars parked along the front during the daylight hours.  (It sits just off the new ‘Glider’ bus  route along the Albertbridge Road, so I suppose that people park there and ride the Glider into the city centre.)   Today as I passed it was clear, and I just happened to have a camera or two in the car! Continue reading Templemore Baths, Belfast

The Old Bank House

One of the most beautiful buildings in Saintfield, Co.Down is the ‘Old Bank House.’  It’s a listed building, formerly the Belfast Bank Co. and now occupied by an accountancy firm. 

Beautiful but disfuntional for present-day commercial use, for its listed status means that it can’t feature any signage!  It’s s good job this particular company is well known and long established.