Bob Wants Your Baby!

Theres a FREE Photoshoot worth £200 on offer!  First come etc!

Bob wants a baby!!!

Yes – it’s true! I want to borrow a baby. Pending a HUGE step forward for my Dundonald Studio (Watch this space next week) I need a baby to test out new systems and new props. So, if you know someone who had a cute wee baby – newborn to eight weeks old, and they’d like a photo shoot worth £200 for FREE ask them to contact me urgently!

Learn – Improve – Enjoy!

Photography Training Opportunities

Learn the basics, or take your photography a stage further with a teacher who holds proper formal qualifications, and who is no theorist but has been around cameras for over thirty years. Is a gifted teacher and has photographed hundreds of weddings and portraits, and still runs one of the very few remaining successful studios in the greater Belfast area.


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Hueless in L/Derry

Visit to Derry, Tuesday 25th August 2015…

Janette and me spent the day in Derry/Londonderry today – a city so good they named it twice! We travelled there by train, and spent the day wandering around the Walled City, pretending to be tourists! I took with me my Nikon F100 – loaded with Black and White film, both ISO125 and 400, and did lots of shots – but they have to wait until we get home at the weekend for development, and then I’ll add some of them to what’s here – but meanwhile, here’s a few iPhone instants – mostly done with the ‘Hueless’ app.

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#NewBorn – Don’t lose those amazing first weeks!

Newborn Memories

The first couple of weeks of a new baby’s life are so precious, – preserve those memories forever!  Newborn Photos at the studio are totally different than those taken anywhere else – and now with a variety of new techniques, cute props and professional lighting – it’s well worth a visit!  Ring or email now to discover the amazing deals available for Newborn Studio Visits!


Old Technology and New Technology

Remington and Apple!

In a combination of Old and New technology, I made this image on the iPhone, using my brilliant new ‘Hueless’ App.  I noticed this old Remington typewriter sitting on a sideboard at a wedding in Brownlow House, Lurgan.  I suspect it was supplied by the bride or the wedding planner.  Regardless of how or why it was sitting there, it looked like a good subject for a photograph!

I imported it to Photoshop (the iOS version) and tweaked it just a tiny bit, to produce this rather pleasing image, where the manufacturer’s name is nicely highlighted against the low-key natural background …

File 20-08-2015 18 42 02

#Hueless and Clueless?

Got Hueless?

I’ve been playing with an iphone app called ‘Hueless.’  It’s an excellent piece of technology, allowing the phone’s camera to shoot in monochrome, and giving the photographer great control over the capture of the image.  the user interface screen is intuitive and easy to use.  it features accurate autofocus achieved by a simple tap on the screen to set the focus point.  There’s a drop down control to alter the exposure and contrast on the screen, so you can see the end result before the snap is taken.  There’s a series of optional presets which the photographer can set up for instant camera control, and cropping to photo-sizes is easily achieved by pinching the screen.  If you are for ate enough to own an iPhone 6 (and I don’t) then there’s even an option for high ISO shooting to make low light shots possible.

Here’s a selection of images I captured at the Tullyglass Hotel, and later in Belfast with the app.

No monochrome camera is complete without filters, and the Hueless app offers a drop-down menu with the standard filters one would use with a black and white film camera.    Here’s an image with the red filter:-

IMG_1406 copy

Really, for a couple of quid, its a fantastic app, get it at the Apple App Store! Dont be clueless, get Hueless, – it’s just about flawless!!!

Aliens have Invaded Ballymena…

A flying saucer has landed in Ballymena!

It has been rumoured that this alien spacecraft has travelled through millions of galaxies, and has landed in Ballymena to share in the hospitality and generosity of the local inhabitants!

Wellington Church
Wellington Church

No, wait!  It’s all a big mistake.  It’s not a spacecraft after all!  It’s a Presbyterian Church!  Yes, Wellington Church – with its remarkable new building is now a landmark feature in the town.  I captured this Monochrome image on my way back from a wedding at Galgorm last week using my Nikon F100 film camera, loaded with Ilford FP5 ISO400 B&W film, f/11 @ 1/250th sec.

It was processed for 8 minutes in Fotospeed FD10, washed and fixed for 10 minutes, then washed for 10 minutes.  Scanned into Photoshop for layer balance and contrast adjustment, and addition of border.  There you are!

Go buy yourself a real camera and use film!

Having said all of that – one does have to wonder why a church needs such powerful thruster rockets?

Flying Church
Flying Church

Coffee Themed Cards

Coffee Themed Cards

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been designing a new range of greeting cards for

As part of the card project I’ve been looking for some ‘coffee’ related images.  My idea is that with the rise in popularity of coffee shops, and with a growing number of the population becoming coffee aficionados, – coffee sells!  here’s my first batch of ‘coffee related images.’

There’ll be more to come!


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Photography by Bob McEvoy LRPS


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