Documentary Photography

I like doing documentary projects.  Under this category you can find some of these projects.  I have a love of social and local history, and so I look for images that reflect that interest.  The time for documentary photography is now.  Looking back over life, at the everyday objects and places that we took for granted, how I wish that I’d had a camera at hand.

The locked gate of the local children’s play park during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

There is no longer any reason to not record the passing of time.  Almost everyone has a camera, just by virtue of the fact that they have a mobile phone.

Now is the time.  Now is the decisive moment.

Some of the major projects are listed in the sub menus under this category, some of the smaller projects are accessed at this link

Ballymartin Railway Crossing

Crumlin Road Courthouse

The Bunch of Grapes

Dr Adam Clarke

Moneyreagh Gospel Hall – Update

Glasker Mill

Saintfield – Orange Culture

Abandoned Agriculture Project

The Shrigley Mystery

Commercial and Family Photographer

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