Migrant Woman

Migrant Mother‘ was the title of a celebrated image made by Dorothea Lange in America in 1935 (or thereabouts)  Lange was appalled by the poverty she found among immigrant people in rural USA.  She said, (Cited on the ‘Photo-quotes’ website)

I am trying here to say something about the despised, the defeated, the alienated. About death and disaster, about the wounded, the crippled, the helpless, the rootless, the dislocated. About finality. About the last ditch.[1]

Migrant Woman - Lange
Migrant Woman – Lange

Challenged by Lange’s words, I set about creating a similar image, among the migrant community of Belfast – with less success, I found, – for some migrant people simply don’t want a camera pointed at them, even after a financial bribe.  I found this old Roma woman begging in Botanic Avenue, and her pose was a reluctant one, to say the least!

Roma Woman in Belfast

Reluctant or not – she’s a pitiful sight.  I hope she spent the money wisely.

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