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Winter-Wonderland Kids’ Photoshoots

Our fantastic and highly popular FROZEN PHOTOSHOOTS are back for another year!

Book a FROZEN mini-photoshoot and bring your child along for an amazing Winter Wonderland Portrait session and let their imagination run riot.


The package includes:

  • 30 Minute Wonderland Portrait Session
  • Greenscreen techniques – images shot against a green, blue or white background, then superimposed in processing on frozen winter themed backgrounds.
  • Digital processing of the photographs ( Special Magical effects added to the images)
  • Private viewing of your images
  • One 8″x 6″ Print per child

All for only £9.95 per Child!

BOOK NOW.  Text FROZEN to 07802466302

Bookings are available during the following weeks only…   1st to 6th October, 5th to 9th November, 3rd to 8th December.




Antrim, Antrim…

Antrim is the county town of its eponymous county.  It’s Antrim, Antrim!  So good they named it twice!  22 miles from Belfast, Antrim lies along the banks of the ‘Six Mile Water’ and on the shores of Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles.


The town’s history goes right back to just 30 years after the dewath of St Patrick, when, in 495, a Gaelic – speaking settlement of monks grew around the presnt site of the Antrim Round Tower. Continue reading Antrim, Antrim…

Should you Feed the Photographer at Your Wedding?

Should you Feed the Photographer at Your Wedding?

Ooh, good question. If it’s me, no. But that’s not true for all photographers.

For me, when you sit down for your meal, that’s my time to put my feet up (it’s a 12 hour plus day for me remember), I do some equipment checking / cleaning etc as required. I will snack from your evening buffet if you’re having one. For me – I always love a good pudding and a coffee at the end of your meal though 🙂 Continue reading Should you Feed the Photographer at Your Wedding?

Moneyreagh Water Tower

The old water Tower on Galloway Hill, close to Moneyreagh, Co. Down is listed on the community website, as being one of the significant landmarks of the village!  It is certainly visible for quite a distance around, but as a landmark it probably lacks a little in the beauty department.  Still, I suppose its mostly only seen in the distance, as this photograph, taken from Tullyhubbert Road shows, and from a distance it doesnt look too bad.


Fujifilm X-D2 200mm lens, f/9 @ 1/250th sec on ISO200.

So, in the interests of bringing its lovely ‘landmarkedness’ to the wider public, I drove up Tower Lane to reach said monument to the human desire for thirst quenching wateriness, and record it from closer distances. Continue reading Moneyreagh Water Tower

A Much Loved Dereliction?

There’s a derelict house on Sourhill Road, Ballymena, which presents the passer-by with some interesting contradictions.  The house is or rather was, a beautiful building, – almost an enigma, in its construction and decor, with beautiful colours, and fascinating roof patterns, and yet on even a casual inspection it is crumbling and decaying with broken slates and rotten timber.  It is unoccupied and abandoned, but sits in well kept extensive grounds, with mown grass and a well kept gravel path.  Its windows and doors have been removed and replaced with boards, but the boards have been painted to look like… windows and doors!


This place is derelict, but someone still cares for it! Continue reading A Much Loved Dereliction?

Weston’s First Birthday

Studio photography is great fun!  And one of the best sources of enjoyment is when parents bring their baby into the studio for a ‘Watch-Me-Grow’ Baby’s First year Package.  Its great to see them develop their own little personalities, and to help their families remember those exciting early days.  Weston has just finished his ‘Baby’s First Year’ and he s=ceebrated with a fantastic Batman themed photoshoot, complete with a batman cake!


Continue reading Weston’s First Birthday

St John’s Church, Donegore

I’ve often driven along the M2 between Antrim and Templepatrick, and wondered about the little church, nestling up in the trees above the moterway.  Today my curiosity got the better of me, and on the way home from a wedding I drove up to the church to get a closer look.  It’s St John’s Church of Ireland, and it sits amidst a churchyard with some very ancient graves and tombs.  Continue reading St John’s Church, Donegore