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Christmas Already?

Christmas Already?
Photographs make exciting Christmas presents. If you need a present for Mum, Dad or Granny then give them something to treasure forever

We recognize many of our clients like to have photoshoots before Christmas so they can give personalized Christmas cards and framed portraits to parents etc.

If you’re stuck for what to give for Christmas then you’ve got to admit that photographs are a terrific present.

A pretty family shot for Gran and Grandad? A smashing children’s portrait for Mum? A glamour set for hubby to keep?

You can choose from a wide range of shoots including families, couples and portraits. Prices start at just £50 for a family shoot with 7×5 inch print. 

With a comfortable viewing session you can buy additional prints – or digital photographs – for all the family members. 

Text CHRISTMAS to 07802466302 to find out more. 

Dressing for an Autumn Family Session

Dressing for an Autumn Family Session
Autumn is a great time for family sessions. Those lovely, warm fall colors and some gorgeous light make for great photographs.

Here are some ideas of how to dress for your Autumn shoot:
1) You are always trying to keep clothes a little coordinated. If it comes to jackets you may not have a set that works for each of you. In that case see if you can swap jackets for sweaters.
2) Denims work really well. If you can all wear jeans it automatically joins you all together.
3) Use layers, scarves, sweaters, jackets and hats can make great outfits.

4) Go for appropriate shows – riding boots, wellies or fur boots are great. If not then sneakers and flats also work perfectly.

5) Try and choose colors that match the fall tones, so think warm browns, burnt orange or natural creams.