Preparing for your newborn photoshoot

Preparing for your baby photoshoot

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!! You have entered a new and wonderful phase of your life. You have this perfect, precious addition to your family. Life with your newborn will have it’s ups and downs – but mostly they will be a delight and wonder in your life.

So, now is the time to start building your keepsakes and recording the moments of their life. In only a couple of months you will discover it difficult to remember your big infant as that tiny baby that has just joined you.

At we want to make certain your newborn photo session is as painless as possible. We know you already have a lot going on. Don’t stress – your shoot will be a nice and painless affair.

What to bring for photographs:

If there are any special toys, blankets or outfits they are great to bring along. Maybe you have a special family heirloom? Is there something fun that will remind you of these days?


In general we tend to shoot without too many props with babies. After all it is them we are interested in. We usually do 2 or 3 outfits with your babe.

Babies can get a bit grumpy about outfits changes, so we suggest you arrive with them already in one getup.

Many parents like to have some bare newborn (or with nappy) images. Usually we put that in the middle so it becomes part of an clothing change.

What to bring to be practical:

  • Nappies and changing gear.
  • Bib and tissues.
  • Toys or rattles.
  • Whatever you need to feed your newborn. Don’t worry, if your baby decides it is feeding time, then we are happy to take a little time out while that gets sorted.

What to bring for yourself.

Remember, we are going to include you in the photos as well. For infant photographs it is great to have plain outfits, so simple white or simple black tops work really well. Avoid big jewelry, babies do like to grab and pull these.

About the shoot
The shoot will be calm and simple. We understand babies don’t always want to co-operate and have their own needs.

  • We’ll take the time to move along slowly at your child’s pace.
  • If they are crying then it’s okay to take a break to get them settled.
  • If they are feeling dozy and want to sleep that is okay too.

The central thing is that you don’t need to stress, you can just chill and let things take their course.

If you have any questions, or want to sign up your sitting, then please call 07802466302 or just text BABY and we will be happy to help.