Working With Children

Working With Children

We have photographed a lot of kids over the years and we like to think that we do it rather well.  One of the things we’ve have learned is how to make kids feel chilled.

Every age is different and every youngster is different. Some will come bursting in looking forward to it all. Others might be a little more quiet and need some coaxing.


We will meet them at their level, chatting with them about what they like, what they have been doing and general getting them comfortable.

If it means playing about and acting the idiot we can do that. If it means taking everything a little slower and quieter then we can do that too.

For the first chunk of the experience we will typically be photographing you and the kids together. This aids them feel comfortable and understand the procedure. They still have their Mum or Dad for moral support.

Pretty soon they will be happy and chilled and up for the full photoshoot.

We know it’s working because so many youngsters remember us when they come back for their next shoot?

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