Secret Engagement Sessions

Men! Your New Fiancee Will Love Secret Photographs from Your Proposal!

It’s true. Your girl will love photographs of your proposal almost as much as the engagement ring, in fact almost as much as she loves you!

It is one of the most special days of any woman’s life and it really is worth capturing the memory for ever.   She will always cherish it.

She will love being able to share it with all her friends and you get to look like a true romantic as well!

We will obviously be very discrete, so she has no idea of what’s coming. We will work with you on any planning required to make sure we get the shot. We can use extra-long “paparazzi” style lenses so we don’t need to be close by.

Once she has said “YES!” we can also have an immediate location photo session with you both together as well.

If you think this would really make your girls day, then please call on 07802466302 so we can get planning together and discuss pricing with you.