The Lockdown Logs #29

The Lockdown Logs

Dateline: May 3rd 2020

To pass the time today, I’ve been looking over some old wedding photography files, and playing with image manipulation.  This one is an image of Inch Abbey near Downpatrick, Co.Down.  I’d been photographing a wedding at Loughanisland, and after the ceremony I took the bride and Groom over to Inch Abbey for some romance, – only to find that because it was a bank holiday, the site was packed with tourists, including a council-employed tour guide, dressed as a monk, who was eager to assure me that he wasn’t a real monk!

Today, I dredged this image up from the digital slurry pit where the old wedding files live, and gave it some Lightroom treatment, (when this image was made, around 2008/9 I didn’t have Lightroom). I increased its presence, desaturated the ruins and the sky, and gave the grass and trees some saturation, then put it into a edge/border mask and framed it with my standard frame.

Here’s what it looks like…

Inch Abbey_UP.jpg
Nikon D700, F=70mm, f/10 @ 1/400th Sec, on ISO400