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Do You Need Commercial or Business Photography?

Bob McEvoy has undertaken commercial photography assignments and commissions for some very discerning customers! Installation Engineers, Politicians, Railway Companies, Churches, Schools, Insurance Companies, Legal Firms, Business Organisations, Magazines.  Including, for example the Federation of Small Businesses, Women in Business, UKHCA etc etc

Your business is your priority – and how it is presented to your potential customers and clients has changed in this digital age.  Your shop window is now the internet – so what are your ‘window-shoppers’ seeing when then look into your business on their browsers?  You need professional images to entice them in, to tempt them to take that next step, and walk into your virtual tore, where they can make that all important purchase, or engage your services.  Professional commercial images are our speciality!  We accept commissions for:-

Advertising Photography
Advertising photography for products, services, brands…
Discuss your ideas / get help to prepare an advertising brief, set up the shots and bring your advertising to life.
Giants ad
(Please note: This image was NOT commissioned by the company noted – it was part of a submission for a competition.  It illustrates the use of product photography for advertising purposes)

Video Stills Photography
Why not show just how good your business is by featuring a slide-show on your website? You can show your product range, your staff and personnel, corporate portraits, workshops and buildings etc.

Architectural (Exterior & Interior) Photography


* Estate and Property Sales
* Hotels, Restaurants etc.
* Hospitality Venues.
* Project Presentations.
* Architects Surveyors and Builders.
* Civil Engineers.
* Renovation Project Reportage.
Attract customers and make sales.


This stunning night-time shot was part of a commercial commission to demonstrate the effects of a newly-installed lighting system own the famous Derry’s Walls.

Vehicle Photography & Asset Inspections.


At Bob McEvoy Photography we specialise in VEHICLE PHOTOGRAPHY, with an unparrelled record of work for prestige brands.  Nowadays, the likelihood is that a prospective buyer will browse a number of websites before deciding to visit the showroom.


The vehicles on the website will frequently pique the buyers interest, and make him/her want to visit the showroom.  Poor quality images have the opposite effect!  Vehicle photography by a specialist professional with a track record of success will improve your client’s initial perception of your business.  And it’s not as expensive as you might think!



Food Photography
* In studio
* In restaurant or hotel
* In retail locations
Creative presentations of your specialist dishes.


Product Photography.  Your website is your shop window. In bygone days ‘window dressers’ were experts who trained properly and honed their skills and experience. They knew how to display products to attract the eye, and make the mouth water!

Today the window is the web, photographs represent your product inventory and we are the window dressers – we SPECIALISE in product photography.

Using specialist product tables, light tents and studio lighting, we know how to present your inventory to your customers – to the highest possible standards, with perfect detail and minimum shadow.  So, for example, if you wanted to sell a camera…


Corporate Portraits.   Every business needs images to show its customers the faces behind the phones.  Identify your staff on-line or inshore with quality professional portraits.  Don’t forget too, that even if your staff are fully committed work-wise, our fully equipped mobile studio can come to your premises – AT A TIME CONVENIENT TO YOU – ANYWHERE IN NI!
GSW_DSC_1417Here’s an example of a studio created head-shot, – useful for business cards, websites etc. This one features Tim!

A photograph of you – yes it does help sell! 

If like me you are a user of Viking Direct office products you will remember that the catalogues always used to come with a photograph of Ian Helstead, the MD on every cover and it felt like half the pages.

The reason is simple, brochures, flyers and catalogs all get a superior response when they feature an individual, and when the person’s photograph is repeated over and over on all materials and media, then they get an even better reaction.

I think business owners often shy away from this thought, that some how it’s a self-aggrandizement – I recognize I do – but I am now building my own photograph into all my media and marketing materials.


Of course, in these days of social media marketing, it is becoming even more vital.

Corporate Events.  We have an enviable record in providing coverage for corporate events, seminars, presentations, conferences etc.


Jewellery Photography
Jewellery needs a special touch!  Every beautiful facet of a gemstone, watch, ring or necklace must be shown with clarity and without distraction.  We have the correct equipment and facilities.

Next time YOU need a commercial shoot, don’t trust that work with an inexperienced or unqualified photographer – Get a personalised quote for your commercial work from Bob.

Commercial photography needs a personal quote, for every job is different.  Please complete and send the form below to start the process to having great photographic art selling your products and services.


Or just phone 07802 466302

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