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Musicians At Play ~ Dakota Dave

If you’re interested in a personal photography project have a read at this from Valerie Jardin – see how she’s approaching her subject and how she states the aims of the project. There’s a lot to learn here. Follow her blog to see how her project progresses.

Valérie Jardin's Blog

I met Dakota Dave Hull this morning in his studio. It was another snowy day in Minneapolis and I was so happy to get out and work on this project again. I was greeted by his dog, an adorable Cavalier King Charles by the name of Kobi, who knew instantly that I was a dog lover.

I would describe Dave’s space as a recording studio/guitar museum. I don’t know much about guitars but I could tell that there were some very special ones lined up. Dave immediately chose one and started playing, then switched to a different one, and another one. All more beautiful than the other: Classic, resonator…

From a photographic standpoint, this was a very challenging shoot. No soft window light this time, but multidirectional spotlights creating strong shadows and bright highlights. But isn’t the point of this project to keep me on my toes by adding the…

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Canvas Print Offer

We have a small quantity of blank canvasses, suitable for 16×10 inch canvas prints – the slightly panoramic shape makes them idal for small family groups or children.   They are made with “260gsm Exhibtion Polyester Matte Canvas with a bright white, smooth matte surface and tight weave pattern producing pin sharp images both in colour and black & white.  The tight weave makes this canvas ideal for stretching over wooden frames and suitable for both photographic and fine art prints, either reproductions or originals.  This Canvas is water resistant with superb results.”


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It’s a Pane/Pain!

There’s a story here. 

These men were unloading panes of glass from a lorry and carrying them into the rear doors of a business.  (Sometimes what happens at the back of a business can be more interesting, photographically than what happens at the front!).

Every time I see two men crying a large pane of glass I think of Laurel and Hardy! 

So, I decided to make some photographs.  I got myself into a good viewing position, and made a couple of exposures.

Glass men
Every time I see two men crying a large pane of glass I think of Laurel and Hardy!

A thought struck me!  I decided to change my viewpoint, and change the lens.  If I walked across the street, I would see the Jaffe Fountain through the glass as the men carried it – and if I changed the lens from the wide angle zoom that was fitted to the camera, to a standard zoom, I’d be able to get a better resolution on the final crop.  So I walked across the street, and changed the lens.  I was ready for when the men came to lift the next (and final) pane. Continue reading It’s a Pane/Pain!

Mountains and Sea, Castles and Forests.

South Down – Mountains and Sea, Castles and Forests.

Nestling in the shadow of Slieve Donard, the highest peak in the Mountains of Mourne, is one of the most beautiful areas of Northern Ireland.  Driving towards Newcastle, whether through Ballynahinch or Downpatrick, one will pass through Clough, where on the left hand side of the road is Clough Castle, an ancient Motte, probably dating back to Norman times.

Dundrum Castle

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Coleraine Street-Monochrome

Spending a windy afternoon in Coleraine, and trying to find something to occupy the time, I decided to do some simple street shots, around The Diamond – the main shopping area of the town.  Despite the cold weather, the car-parks were full, and I left the car in a side street, returning to find an enthusiastic traffic warden had ticketed my car!  So, I’m posting a photo of him (or one of his mates) below…


Processed with Focos

I took the Fujifilm X-T30 and a 100-200mm lens up the street, with the ‘film simulation mode’ on the camera set to ACROS.  Film simulation mode is unique to Fujifilm (I think) – for the Fujifilm people have been renowned for their range of films, each with distinctive characteristics.  Acros film is a black and white film with unique grain and mid-range contrasts. Continue reading Coleraine Street-Monochrome