Abandoned Agriculture Project

Completed in 2009, the ‘Abandoned Agriculture Project’ was part of an exhibition of photographic work by local photographers in the ‘Curve Gallery’ at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast.

Photographs made using a NIKON D700 with 24-55mm f2.8 lens.

2009 Exhibition ‘Statement of Intent’

The images in this exhibition are part of an exploration into how photographs can capture the essence of a place or event, making a statement about its condition and evoking memories and sentiments.  I decided to complete the project by visiting a site at regular intervals over a four month period.  The location is unnamed, (to protect the integrity of the premises) but suffice to say that it was once a working farm, with a mixture of stock: pigs, cattle and chickens.  There is a vacant farmhouse, old barns, stables and henhouses, all of them gradually being ravaged with the decay of disuse.  But once this house and its attendant outbuildings were home to a happy family, with children and grandchildren, and was a profitable business, and so the trappings of family fun and happy days remain; some of the agricultural implements and leftovers of animal husbandry are still in place, some of it now sadly decayed and awaiting the bulldozer.

The old kitchen…

The following two images are comprised of old images of family members superimposed on the walls of the farmhouse.

The Barn Door…

Charcoal effect