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Le Vendeur de Vin

No, it’s not Paris, it’s Edinburgh, the Paris of the North!  Back again to 2004, and the Continental Market on the streets of Scotland’s capital.  This French Market Stall is doing what the French seem to do best – export their wine!

The Wine Vendor's Stall
The Wine Vendor’s Stall

Photo-Nerd stuff: Nikon D70 Camera, (6 mp DSLR) f/3.5 @ 1/30th sec on ISO400.  Focal Length 44mm.

The Advertising Executive

“So, what do you do for a living then?”  “I’m in advertising, innit…”

Here’s an old image.  It was December, 2004 and I was stalking the streets of Edinburgh one afternoon, with my very first Digital SLR, a Nikon D70, (before that I’d relied on my Nikon FM2 and a Bronica 645), when I noticed this utterly dejected figure, standing in the bitterly cold wind, advertising pub lunches.  Yet at the same time – he’s reading a paperback, folded in his hands!

I couldn’t resist a shot and here’s the result:

The Advertising Executive
The Advertising Executive

Tech info for photo-nerds:

Nikon D70,  1/60th Sec @ f/5.6 on ISO400.

Focal length was 80mm (fully extended)