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A photograph of you – yes it does help sell!

A photograph of you – yes it does help sell!!

If like me you were a user of Viking Direct office products you will remember that the catalogues always used to come with a photograph of Ian Helstead, the MD on every cover and it felt like half the pages.

The reason is simple, brochures, flyers and catalogs all get a superior response when they feature an individual, and when the person’s photograph is repeated over and over on all materials and media, then they get an even better reaction.


I think business owners often shy away from this thought, that some how it’s a self-aggrandizement – I realise that  I do that – but I am now building my own photograph into all my media and marketing materials.

Of course, in these days of social media marketing, it is becoming even more vital.    So, now’s the time to make a studio appointment for a simple head-shot. It takes just a few minutes, and it could be VERY profitable in the short term.