You Get What You Pay For!

Someone recently asked me, “Why are your prints so much more expensive than Tesco?” After the choking and spluttering had subsided I gave my standard answer…

“You only get what you pay for!”

After all, I had once heard a woman telling her friend that you could get a canvas for £10 on eBay. I couldn’t help butting in, with the comment, “Great value, it’ll match the rest of your furniture that you bought on eBay!” (I knew that the house in question was very comfortably furnished and that they would never have dreamed of buying their furniture in anywhere but the best shops)

But for those who REALLY would like to know, here’s the difference between our photography outcomes and what you get when you go to a supermarket or shop the internet…

  • Event Prints. These are usually made on-site for events like graduations and balls, fundraising events etc. They are a quality glossy print, printed using a professional mini-lab using Dye-Sublimation, and mounted in a black slip-in free-standing mount. Our on-site value product option.
  • Art Prints are our preferred outcome for our studio shoots. Colour corrected and balanced and printed on 260gsm heavyweight lustre photo-paper with a guaranteed minimum 30 year non-fade life in natural light. Prints up to 10×8 inches are presented in heavy white AvantGuard card mounts, ready to frame.
  • Museum Prints. The Rolls Royce of print production. These prints are printed on extra-heavy 300gsm photo paper (usually matt) and coated with a UV varnish for perfect colour brilliance and longevity.
  • Canvas Prints. Our canvasses are produced to order at a professional lab in Germany, using top quality canvas cloth, printed using Giclée inks, and coated with UV varnish for durability. The canvasses are stretched and folded to professional standards, to make wall decor that will grace any modern living space.
  • Wall Art. All our prints can be presented framed to high standards by our carefully selected professional framer, who will coordinate the colours and style of the frame, print and matte to compliment your own living area scheme.
  • Digital Downloads. We retain copyright on all our images. However, you may wish to purchase full resolution downloads, which may then be used at your own discretion. These are supplied at 240 – 300 dpi, and are fully processed, developed and balanced. Usually once the customer has purchased access to the original files, a download facility is made available in an on-line gallery, and the customer has instant access to transfer the files via broadband to a home computer.

The choice is always yours, – but whatever your outcome may be, you can be sure that you will be paying for a high quality product that will last and will look good, and will be REAL value for money.  Remember the maxim…

“You only get what you pay for!”

And while that is the truth, – it’s not the whole truth.  When you buy prints from a professional photographer you are making a contribution to the cost of their time, the upkeep of their equipment and the rent and rates for the studio, so that you and your family can have somewhere to go to get those special photographs that simply can’t be made on your phone!

And remember that when you visit your local professional photography studio and buy wall decor and prints, you are NOT putting your hard earned cash towards the cost of a new yacht for a well paid part-time director.  You are supporting a family in your community, who will then buy from other small businesses in your local community.