Business Photography Ideas


Compared with many business tools, photography is inexpensive considering the positive result it has on the way your business is perceived and connected with customers and of course turnover.  The advertising cliche is “half my advertising works, I just don’t know which half!”, but well created and conceived photography always works.

So here are 5 ideas to get more from your photography.

1) Postcard Photography

A simple postcard with a strong image related to your business, maybe a happy client with your product. Put a short sales message on the back, hand write a message and add a call to action and you’re done. Both personal and relationship building as well as sales building. Postcards can be printed very cost effectively, even on short runs.
2) Poster Photography

All the photographs around your company ought to be advertising, or “ARTvertising” photographs about your business. Large photographs are impactful and illustrate you care and put your perception up a notch, much superior than yet another haulage company calendar.

3) Viral Web Images

Come up with funny or impactful images and with a stroke of luck it could go viral and appear all over the web and seen by millions. One company approached us recently with the thought of creating viral photographs that directly relate to their industry.

4) Christmas Card Photography

I know it seems a while away, but may be some early planning will help. Christmas cards are piece of the annual marketing cycle, they are element of your customer relationship as well as PR and Marketing. So why not produce an photograph that relates to your business? It can be serious or comic, something to remember, a conversation piece. We can arrange printing for you too.

5) Calendar Photography

Part of the Christmas cycle and a “must give” for many organizations. Just think what “Calendar Girls” did for the WI, or Pirelli’s famous calendars still being produced after 50 years. Now you don’t need naked women, that’s a bit old now, but there are many attractive – but business related – photographs you could use for a calendar.

So – ask us what we can do to promote YOUR business!