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Ballywalter, Co.Down

Ballywalter today for work purposes, and while I waited for an appointment time, I went down to the harbour with the Fujifilm X-T2 fitted with a Nikkor 37-70mm f/3.5 lens, and a Nikkor 100-300mm lens.   It was a strange day, windy and overcast, but with bright spots appearing through the threatening clouds.

Ballywalter Hyper-Real

First stop was to look at an old boat that I saw parked on the road down toward the slipway. Continue reading Ballywalter, Co.Down

The Lockdown Logs #60

The Lockdown Logs

Dateline: May 31st 2020

So, anyway, after I’d had a word or two with Angus, the black bull, he invited me to come up the field to meet his missus. (One of them).  Perhaps he thought we humans need some herd immunity…  I declined, and said I would catch her with the telephoto lens instead.  I think he was disappointed, for he let out a mighty bellow.

Fujifilm X-T30 F=200mm, f/4.8 @ 1/125th sec on ISO800


I get really bored in Lockdown.



The Lockdown Logs #59

The Lockdown Logs

Dateline: May 31st 2020

Tonight’s socially isolated single permitted exercise walk took me up the Tullygarvan Road, where I was privileged to meet young Angus here.  He was having a cool refreshing drink of water when I arrived at his home, but he happily took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to pose for the camera – with a long lens!

Fujifilm X-T30, F=70mm,  f/4 @ 1/125th sec on ISO800.Angus-Up



The Lockdown Logs

Dateline: May 30th 2020

Comber Spuds

Janette brought these freshly-dug new Comber potatoes home today.  This morning they were in the ground.  Tomorrow, they will be boiled, (Over here, we don’t peel these potatoes, we just scrub them and boil them in their skins – when ready the skins will almost fall off them) salted and served with lashing of butter.  The Comber potato is a waxy, flavoursome food, and a protected brand.

I photographed them in the Studio-Pod, under two Elinchrom D-Lites, with the Fujifilm X-T2, and Nikkor 50mm MF lens, against a green chromakey background.  F=50mm, f/5.6 @ 1/125th sec on ISO400.


The Lockdown Logs #47

The Lockdown Logs

Dateline: May 18th 2020

Tulips at Crossnacreevy.

These white Tulips are growing in a flower bed beside the post box at Crossnacreevy, so when I stopped to post some letters, I grabbed the camera and made a series of exposures of the flowers.  I wanted to use a wide aperture to remove the distracting background, and it was good that I did, for the tulips were moving slightly in the wind, and I needed quite a fast shutter speed.  The big tulip is in focus, but with so little actual texture in the flower itself, it was difficult to assess the focus in-camera, but in LightroomI was able to see the tiny specks of dust on the petals.

Fujifilm X-T30, F=200mm, f/4.8, 1/1000th sec on ISO1250