Tiger’s Bay, Belfast.

Tiger’s Bay – a working class area in North Belfast, now rebuilt as a modern housing estate.  The streets give a view over the harbour and shipyard areas of the city.  I visited the area on a sunny winter day with my Nikon F100, loaded with Ilford Delta 100.

My visit coincided with that of the recycling van, collecting little assortments of various coloured boxes from the houses.  Interestingly in Belfast the ‘green waste’ is collected by a private concern, not the council, who empty the bins for the landfill.

Like so many of Belfast’s working class areas, the territory is marked out by one faction or another.  This wall mural, and the flags on the opposite wall, would remind one that Tiger’s Bay is a staunchly loyalist enclave.

The new streets that were built during redevelopment are tidy and clean, but possibly without the character of the original streets.  Still, in times to come people may even look on these images with fond reminiscence.

My photo of the day is this last one, a view away from the area across the city port area.  The Titanic Building and one of the Harland and Wolffe cranes are in the background, reminding the viewer of the city’s industrial past.  Many of the old tradesmen of the high days of shipbuilding would have made their homes in this area; hard working men who walked to ‘the Yard’ early in the morning, worked at hard manual tasks throughout the day, brewed their strong tea in tin pots, and walked home again late in the evening, – decent honest people who loved their families and who willingly answered the call of king and country when they were needed.

The salt of the earth.1/60th sec @ f/16 on ISO100