Sell LIFESTYLE – Not just function.

Advertising photography is everywhere. How effective is yours?

The purpose of all advertising at its root is to invoke in the viewer the sense that they too could have the lifestyle you present. It is not about the functionality of the product, it is not about the special features. It is all about the potential customer seeing themselves as part of the owning group.

IKEA sells very functional, very cost-effective furniture. But the products on their own are not going to set the world on fire. But selling the lifestyle the products represent is a different thing altogether.

So whether it is for a rural life, good family living, sporty and healthy or rich beyond our dreams, your customers strive to live what they choose as their perfect lifestyle – and your customers buy products and services that meet that lifestyle.

So, by displaying products in the context of lifestyle we can assign a value to the product based on our target customers desires.

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