The Fun Guy!

Why did the Mushroom go to the party?  Because he’s a FUNGHI!  This little toadstool is called Gus, (Because he’s really such a fun Gus!).  Gus, or Gussy as he is known to his friends, has bravely beaten the odds and grown up to daylight between two heavy railway sleepers that form steps in our garden.  Image made with the Fujifilm X-T2, with 200 mm lens.


Sadly his party-going days are numbered, for he’ll be uprooted in case one of our grandchildren thinks he might be edible!

Here’s his cousin (I think) with young Farrah, posing in the Fairy Garden at our Dundonald Studio…


And here’s another type of toadstool, these spotted and photographed in a garden in South Belfast in 2007, using a Nikon D100 with 50mm lens.

Toadstool 2UP