The Frocess

The Frocess Trees

The famous ‘Frosses Trees’ (original spelling ‘Frocess’) on the road between Ballymena and Ballymoney. The road runs through boggy ground,

Bogland near Glarryford, Co.Antrim

and the Pine trees were planted in 1840 on the instructions of Sir Charles Lanyon (architect and civil engineer) so that their roots would join under the road to provide support…

The trees leaned towards each – presumably because there was more root support under the road.

The Frosses (Frocess) Trees at Glarryford

I remember, as a boy, travelling between these trees on the way to the north coast, in the back of my parents’ car (an Austin A30), and thinking how dark it was, there were so many of these trees along the roadside.  Now, most of the trees are now gone, felled because of tree disease when the new dual-carriageway bypassed them. The original road is now a picnic area.