Tips for Pet Portraits.

Tips for Pet Portraits.

Pet portraits can be GREAT FUN… but a few simple steps beforehand will help us to get the very best out of your pet’s studio visit.

1. Grooming. Whether you groom your dog yourself or have it done professionally it’s important to have it done a day or two before your studio visit rather than on the same day. Some dogs find grooming stressful and that will reflect in their images.


2. Walkies. Take your dog for a brisk walk before your visit to work off all that boundless energy!

3. Bring treats?. Feel free to bring along some treats for your dog but please don’t give them to him before or during the shoot. If the dog senses that you have treats he or she will look up at you when we really want him to make eye contact with the camera. Rather than treats, think about bringing a favourite toy or blanket to make the dog feel at home. The treats are for when the photoshoot is over and you want to reward him for being a good boy.


4. Include the Family!  Bring the kids and include the family in your pet phooshoot, for after all, Fido is part of the fsmily too!