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Tips for Pet Portraits.

Tips for Pet Portraits.

Pet portraits can be GREAT FUN… but a few simple steps beforehand will help us to get the very best out of your pet’s studio visit.

1. Grooming. Whether you groom your dog yourself or have it done professionally it’s important to have it done a day or two before your studio visit rather than on the same day. Some dogs find grooming stressful and that will reflect in their images.


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Our three finalists for the 2017 Pet Portrait Awards have been announced by the national judges, and here they are! On Feb 5th we’ll find out who is in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and each will win a studio prize of a fabulous Art Print! One of these three will go forward into the national competition with a chance of winning the BIG £1K prize!


Top prize is £1000, and runner up prizes. Entry is by way of a £10 donation to DogsTrust. We have limited free sessions for this competition, if you are interested please click https://wp.me/P6sr71-nM for full details.


Casper the friendly dog made his way up to Dundonald, (battling through the wrong kind of snow) to reach our studio for his photoshoot.  At 12 years old, there’s hardly a grey hair on his head (unlike your ancient photographer!).  He took the whole session completely in his stride!  Here he is in one of our popular doggy props…


Fancy giving it a go?  If you’ve got a dog who just tugs on your heartstrings every time you see those big eyes pleading with you, get him booked in for a professional studio visit, – you’ll not regret it!

Book appointments online here: https://directory.bookedin.com/portraits2gocouk

Tips for Including Your Pets in Family Photos.

9 Tips for Including Your Pets in Family Photos.
In principal we enjoy having your pets along for your photoshoot – we are very happy to meet the furry part of your family.

1) Please let us know in advance. There might be things we need to do in the studio to make them safe or provide them water and so on.
2) Be sure your pet will be comfy in a new room. Dogs, tortoises, rabbits and so on are usually pretty relaxed about being in new places. Cats really don’t get on with it all.
3) Bring a collar and lead. During the shoot we might well be able to do without it, or at least hide it away. Outside of the shoot there might be all sorts of reasons why your pet needs to be secure.
4) Bring treats. These are great bribery and we can frequently create poses with your pet looking or waiting for their treat.
5) Bring their preferred toy. The photographer can use it to make certain the pet’s attention is in the right place. We can also use it for some fun games with your animal.
6) Keep your animal cool, especially dogs. If it means coming over in the car with the air conditioning on please do. You don’t want you dog all panting with his tongue hanging out.
7) We know accidents happen, don’t worry about it. If you can take your pet for a short comfort break before the shoot starts that would be great.
8) Give your animal lots of strokes. Despite outward appearances it may still be stressful for them and lots of contact and comfort will help them relax.
9) I’ve never seen an animal react to our studio flashes, the flash is very short and doesn’t seem to bother animals at all.