Portbradden and Dunseverick


The north coast of Ireland has a winding coastline with lots of quaint little harbours, many of which are picturesque and great for photography.  On a recent visit to Portballentrae, I travelled along the coast to visit two of those harbours.


Dunseverick is a Hamlet, just along the coast from the world famous tourist attraction that is the Giant’s Causeway.  It’s little harbour lies down a long, narrow winding lane. Be careful – its just about wide enough for two vehicles to pass!

I used the Nikon D750 camera with a 24-80mm lens. My favourite shot was of an old rusted winch at the approach to the slipway.




Armed this time with the mirrorless Fujifilm X-T2, my next stop was the harbour at Portbradden, just a few miles further along the coast.  These little coves and ports would once have been the haunt of smugglers, bringing in illicit alcohol and winding their way up the hills and across the mountains to sell in the bigger towns.  Portbradden just looks right for the part!  It has a naturally sheltered landing place, and a smuggler’s cave…


But it also has a building which claims to be the smallest church in Ireland!


Later, back at Portballentrae, I photographed another harbour view, one that I’d photographed before, but not from this angle, and not at night.  The Fugifulm X-T2 really is great for low-light photography, – with no mirror to slap up out of the way, camera shake is significantly reduced at sow shutter speeds, so I made this image at 1/30th second, f/2.8, on ISO 3200, f=150mm.


The cover photo is sunset at Portballentrae – photographed from the third floor of the Bayview Hotel!  An angle not to be missed!


To get to these locations, travel from Belfast along the M2, and follow signs for COLERAINE.  At Coleraine (ring road) follow signs for PORTRUSH.  At Portrush travel towards BUSHMILLS.  Portballentrae is between Portrush and Bushmills.  When you get to Bushmills follow the signs for the Giant’s Causeway.  Dunseverick and Portbradden are just past the Causeway Visitors’ Centre.