The Fujifilm X-T30

Ok – I’ve decided to become a trainee Vlogger.  Here’s my first effort.  If it’s successful I’m going to do some talks on image composition, gestalt theories in imaging etc, – stuff that will help beginner and novice photographers.  My plan is to post the videos on the Facebook group, Bob’s Photography Forum with links to this blog for images, text etc to accompany the lessons, and asking those who are in the group and who wish to participate, to post their images in the group.

We’ll see how it goes!  Here’s my test video…

Fo those who are unable to speak or comprehend Norn Iron, – here’s the (rough) English translation:-

‘So, while I’m waiting for the my first studio clients of the day, I thought I’d take a few minutes to show you one of my favourite cameras.  This is Fujifilm’s latest baby in the X Series, the X-T30.  I’ve been using the Fuji X series cameras for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love them.  What I especially like is that they are modelled along the lines of the old film SLR cameras, so the look, feel and handle just like a traditional camera.  And of course, for someone of my age group, who learned the craft of photography on a Nikon FM2, completely manual, I just love the fact that the aperture control on the X series is on the lens, – when on most digital cameras that control in in the body of the camera.

Ok, so what’s special about the X-T30?  primarily its size!  This is a tiny camera, and that makes it great for any form of unobtrusive photography, whether at wedding, or ideally, for Street Photography.  It’s a street photographer’s dream!  Or of course you can just shove it in your pocket – pack it and take it on holidays.  

So, what makes it different from other, less expensive smaller cameras?  It’s mirrorless, it’s got access to the full range of Fujinon lenses, some very powerful optics indeed, it’s got the famous Fujifilm film simulation modes, and much more – but its real advantage is that its a cut down version of the X-T3, with the same processor as its much more expensive brother, and that means that this little camera packs a mighty punch!  The size is deceptive.  This camera is a powerful imaging tool.

Right, – it’s time to go and prepare for the first studio photoshoot of the day.  Grab your camera and get out and make some fantastic images!’