Photo-Noir Studio Selfie Experiment

With a slack afternoon in the studio I decided to do some experimentation – and I even volunteered to be my own guinea pig!  I did a selfie!

Watch the vid…

I used the Nikon D750, set on manual focus, (so I could focus on myself!) and with the self-timer set for a 0 second delay, on a tripod.  No flash for this experiment, I wanted to use a RotoLight, continuous light source. Unlike the old tungsten lights, the redheads of bygone days, the Rotolight can be set to match your chosen colour temperature, – so this one is set to the equivalent of the studio flash, ie, daylight balanced at 5600 Kelvin.

I used a dark studio backdrop, (not black, although the drop-off in light made it seem almost black), and placed the Rotolight facing at right-angles to the backdrop, and made sure it shone onto a silver reflector I’d placed opposite it; the reflector casting light on where my face would be.


I metered the light falling on my face at f/5.6, and with no flash sync issues, the shutter speed was 1/80th sec on ISO800.  Here’s the result…

My Selfie – Try not to laugh – it took me years to get these wrinkles!

I’d really like to try this with a family, so I’m offering a free studio sitting for up to three people, ideally a child and two adults, with a free 6×8 inch print (I’ll do some white background too, as a bonus) – with just one condition – I want to use the images for promotional use.  If you live around Ards, North Down or Belfast and want to have a free studio visit, from me a text on 07802466302!