Saturday Studio Sessions – 10/8/19

Great studio sessions today, mostly involving babies! (Of one sort or another!)

First in was newborn baby Alex, who posed eloquently in the baby hammock, with mummy and daddy holding him safe at each end.  And if you think he’s going to roll out, don’t worry, and please don’t have nightmares – the hammock is safely resting on a table!

Baby Alex

We also had Alex’s very own Furbaby, a lively young border collie, –  PEPPER.  She soon stamped her personality on the photoshoot, and posed along with Alex and mummy and daddy for some family photos.


And later in the afternoon, along came the very delightful little Emersyn, with her big brother and her mummy, to take part in the Children’s Portrait Awards, on behalf of The Lullaby Trust.  She’s an amazing little girl!


Sadly, one of our booking slots today went unfilled, as a mummy texted 20 mins beforehand to say that her wee child was out of sorts from last night! Let’s hope that’s soon remedied.  Still, it meant at least that I got my image processing done earlier than expected!