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How long will it take?

I’m often asked by parents, ‘How long will my family photo session last?’ So here’s a handy guide to how much time to plan for your child’s session.

At Portraits2Go.co.uk you can pick between different shoot types.

Mini Session: 25 minutes. This session is fantastic if you simply want 2 or 3 images to record your offspring growing up. These work particularly well for older children who can follow directions easily. We craft some variations in the poses but we don’t change venues or outfits.

Standard Session: 60 minutes. Our most popular session by far is wonderful for younger children. The extra time also lets us capture some more creative photographs. We will shoot on various backgrounds. You will have at least one change of clothing as well. For younger children it lets them warm up and calm down.

Super Session: 120 minutes. For groups of three or more kids this gives every child plenty of time to be involved and photographed without them getting bored in between. We will be able to shoot them in groups and individually. We can have lots of poses and creative photographs too. You can usually manage several outfit changes if you wish.

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January SMILE Competition.

How to Get Real, Genuine Smiles From Your Kids!

Children of a certain age can suddenly lose the power to grin without looking like some weird gargoyle off a church! (In fact some parents do too!)  The tip to getting a genuine grin is to give them something they really giggle at.

Here are some things you can do:-

  • Be prepared to giggle yourself – and if needs be to wholly act the idiot.
  • Remember what TV programs really make them smile.
  • It’s surprising how frequently Daddy doing something unfortunate works!
  • If they are old enough, do they tell jokes? Do they laugh at jokes?
  • For young children, if they have a favorite toy the photographer can use it that in all sorts of ways to make them look and giggle.
  • If they like a special song or rhyme, then either bring it on your smartphone or be ready to sing it with them
  • Make a checklist of funny things and send it to us before the experience, that way we can be armed and prepared.

We like to keep things fun and simple with youngsters. We understand they trade moods from moment to moment. We will treat them with respect and generally mess around with them to help everyone get the final photograph.



Tell us what makes them laugh?  What do you do – or what have you done, to make your kids laugh and smile?  Funniest and most original answers will get posted on the blog and the winner gets a free Photoshoot Gift Voucher for our £45 Winter Studio Deal!  The answer with the most FB likes wins. Competition ends on 30 Jan 2017.  Winner notified within 5 days thereafter. 

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