Siblings – ‘Friends Forever!’

This Autumn we’re doing special SIBLINGS – ‘FRIENDS FOREVER’ Mini-Photoshoots as a Fund-Raising Promotion for Cardiac Risk in the Young.


It’s just £10 – and 100% of your donation goes to research into cardiac conditions in children and young people.

DSC_3617U copy

For just £10 donation to Cardiac Risk In the Young (CRY) you get:

  • 30 minutes in the studio,
  • Editing and private viewing
  • Entry to the Family Portrait Awards (£1000 National First Prize)
  • Complimentary Mini-Print

Bob says,

In this limited series of photoshoots at Dundonald I aim to create a photographic portrayal of the bond that exists between siblings, whether children or adult, brothers and sisters, mixed ages and twins, triplets etc. Reunited siblings who live far apart would be of special interest.  Hobbies, similarities, differences, rivalry and empathy, all these are part of family life.

I want to show mutual interests, the closeness of emotions and the ties of common family love. We will spend time in the studio with lighting arrangements and both planned and spontaneous poses. It’s casual and it’s formal and its fun.

Because this photoshoot will involve a degree of planning, conversation about the siblings, about their lifestyles and work life, will probably precede the studio visit.

To make the project more worthwhile siblings will be asked for a £10 donation to Cardiac Risk in the Young and will (if agreeable) be entered into our Family Portrait Awards.


To register text FRIENDS to 07802466302

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