It’s a Pane/Pain!

There’s a story here. 

These men were unloading panes of glass from a lorry and carrying them into the rear doors of a business.  (Sometimes what happens at the back of a business can be more interesting, photographically than what happens at the front!).

Every time I see two men crying a large pane of glass I think of Laurel and Hardy! 

So, I decided to make some photographs.  I got myself into a good viewing position, and made a couple of exposures.

Glass men
Every time I see two men crying a large pane of glass I think of Laurel and Hardy!

A thought struck me!  I decided to change my viewpoint, and change the lens.  If I walked across the street, I would see the Jaffe Fountain through the glass as the men carried it – and if I changed the lens from the wide angle zoom that was fitted to the camera, to a standard zoom, I’d be able to get a better resolution on the final crop.  So I walked across the street, and changed the lens.  I was ready for when the men came to lift the next (and final) pane.

Just as they emerged from the store doors, a van pulled up beside me and the driver pumped the horn and leaned out the window.  ‘Hey, mate, do you know where Church Lane is?’  I explained to him that he was 10 yards from it, – just across the pedestrian area of Ann Street, and you’re in Church Lane…. ‘Thanks mate’ – and he drove off, and I turned back to see the back of the second delivery man disappearing through the doors of the building, and the lorry driver pulling closed the curtains at the side of his vehicle.  I’d missed the shot!  What a pain/pane!

So, the moral of the story is – think about your lens and your location before you get distracted by some passer-by!  They can be a real PAIN!

Location: Belfast, Upper Church Lane, Belfast.  Friday 1st November 2019.

Fujifilm X-T30, F=24mm, f/4.5 @ 1/125th sec on ISO400. Shot in Acros Film Simulation mode.