The Lockdown Logs #33

The Lockdown Logs

Dateline: May 5th 2020

One of the challenges of the Lockdown, of course, is to find ways to illustrate the present situation – and photographs of ‘locks’ seem too appropriate, perhaps even clichéd!  Yet my original ‘padlock’ photo has been downloaded on Pixabay 588 times to date!  So, there’s market in padlock-downs!

Here’s another example.  I’ve called this one

The Rusty Lock(down!)

Captured on the Fujifilm X-T30, F=55mm (plus 11mm Macro Extension tube), f/5.6, @ 1/60th sec on ISO400.  Pastel effect added in post capture processing.Rusty Lockdown_Up.jpg

Here’s a reminder of the original…