NIR Railway Journeys – L’Derry

The Coleraine to Londonderry Line.


If you are travelling on the train from Coleraine to Londonderry there are some truly stunning views, and on approach to the city this otherwise inaccessible view of the Peace Bridge and the Guildhall are a worthwhile image to capture.

This mage made while the train was moving using the Fujifilm X-T30. The trains are double glazed so a little bit of dehazing in Lightroom fixed that.

Co_LDerry 19-08-2020_12

This image was made as the train sat at Bellarena station, the penultimate halt before it reaches Londonderry.  Here the single track splits into two, so that two trains pass each other every time.  The image was made shooting through the windows of both trains, and the chairs are in the other train.  The bottle of soft drink at the right hand of the image is a reflection in the glass.  I just thought it was an interesting image.  

The scenery along the route is looking over flat agricultural land leading to the edge of the Atlantic Oceon and the Foyle Estuary.  I’ve compiled a few images of the journey below.

The approach to the city of Londonderry (also known as Derry) is quite stunning, as the train makes its approach to the city, and slows down, allowing more opportunities for photography.

Co_LDerry 19-08-2020_32Co_LDerry 19-08-2020_25

My last image in this panel is of our two Railway tickets, curled up on the table between our seats.

Co_LDerry 19-08-2020_22