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Guildhall Square, Londonderry

Where have all the tourists gone?

I sat for an hour or so in Derry’s Guildhall Square, watching the people coming and going, drunks, locals, buskers, children, parents, tour guides and even the odd tourist…  All manner of life passes through it.

Co_LDerry 19-08-2020_36
Covid-19 has changed this popular tourist destination – and not for the better.

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Derry Girls.

One of my favourite photo-techniques is the silhouette. This involves exposing for a bright background and leaving the subject in deep shadow.

In Londonderry I made this silhouette of a girl, sitting looking out the window of a cafe. Silhouettes are good for this kind of candid shot, for the identity of the ‘Derry Girl’ remains shrouded in mystery.

Fujifilm X-T30 fitted with a Nikon 35-70mm manual focus lens.

NIR Railway Journeys – L’Derry

The Coleraine to Londonderry Line.


If you are travelling on the train from Coleraine to Londonderry there are some truly stunning views, and on approach to the city this otherwise inaccessible view of the Peace Bridge and the Guildhall are a worthwhile image to capture.

This mage made while the train was moving using the Fujifilm X-T30. The trains are double glazed so a little bit of dehazing in Lightroom fixed that. Continue reading NIR Railway Journeys – L’Derry

Londonderry on 28th August 2019

Derry’s Walls

A wee trip by train up to the so-called ‘Maiden City’ and a dander round the famous and historic city walls, with granddaughter Chloe and the Fujifilm X-T30 camera.  Here’s some of the images…

NIR – Northern Ireland Railways

A train leaves the city en-route to Belfast, a journey that will take it almost 2 hours, travelling along the north coast to Coleraine, and through some of the most beautiful coastal scenery anywhere.  The trains in NI are safe, clean, comfortable and modern, and they run on time, (unlike their English counterparts!) and the fares are reasonable.  I like to think this is because the trains here are still run by the government, – Translink is a government owned company, so profits are used to improve services, instead of to reward shareholders and fat-cat bosses. Continue reading Londonderry on 28th August 2019

Review time!

Sometimes it’s a good practice to look back at image one has made over the years, – with a critical eye!  Here’s a few I’ve been mulling over recently:-


This image of the Playhouse Theatre, Derry/Londonderry was part of a commercial commission.  The brief was to show the effect of the lights on the wall opposite the Theatre.


This simple image of Slieve Bunion, in Co Down, part of the ‘Mountains of Mourne’ range has been one of my very best sellers!  I’ve sold this image in framed prints, magnets, even mugs!

Landscape 1

This image of Ballycopeland Windmill in Co. Down is a real quirk, as anyone who knows it would realise!  It is of course, heavily photoshopped, to show the sun rising in the North!  Just for a wee change.

And finally, for this selection, an image that’s just a little more personal…

Dereliction 3

This image of Janette’s parent’s old kitchen, after they’d moved out of the farmhouse, was part of an exhibition at the Curve Gallery, Belfast.  I called it ‘Dereliction.’

Hueless in L/Derry

Visit to Derry, Tuesday 25th August 2015…

Janette and me spent the day in Derry/Londonderry today – a city so good they named it twice! We travelled there by train, and spent the day wandering around the Walled City, pretending to be tourists! I took with me my Nikon F100 – loaded with Black and White film, both ISO125 and 400, and did lots of shots – but they have to wait until we get home at the weekend for development, and then I’ll add some of them to what’s here – but meanwhile, here’s a few iPhone instants – mostly done with the ‘Hueless’ app.

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