Brownlow House, Lurgan

Brownlow House

Browlow House in Lurgan, CoArmagh is the headquarters of the Royal Black Institution. Also known as Lurgan Castle, it was built as the home of the Brownlow family – once owners of the celebrated greyhound Master McGrath.

Today it is a popular venue for weddings and it was in that context I visited it today. Rain prevented a photograph of the building itself, but here’s a few other images from the visit.


Belfast City Cemetery

On Friday 17th July I visited Belfast City Cemetery on the Falls Road to conduct a funeral service. Waiting for the hearse to arrive I noticed an imposing Celtic Cross in the old section of the cemetery. A photo-opportunity! I had left the camera equipment in the house the night before, so once again I resorted to the use of the mobile phone! Never underestimate what you can do with an iPhone camera! Here’s the result…


Saintfield – Orange Culture

Friday 10th July was the ‘Mini-Twelfth’ in Saintfield, – a friendly local festival with marching bands and colourful banners.  Here’s just a few abstract images from the evening.


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