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Valentine Proposal?

Valentines Proposal – or already engaged? Or just in love?

£25 for Photoshoot and Complimentary 10×8 inch print

Romantic couples photoshoot for Valentine Presents

Just got engaged? Just happy together? Celebrate with a romantic couples photoshoot and celebrate your love together with images you will cherish forever.


A romantic, fun and loving photoshoot of the two of you.

The photoshoot is in our fully equipped studio with hi-key and photo-noir and with a cool mix of love, romance, fun and togetherness. All images you choose are fully retouched and airbrushed as required. Just £25 for the photoshoot and free print.

At your relaxed viewing session you will be able to choose your complimentary 8 x 10 inch print and any additional prints, albums or digital images you want.


Love Stories

5 Ideas for Telling Your Love Story in Your Engagement Session

What we want to do is really recount your love story through images. Now some of those will be a range of cuddly, romantic poses. But, how about if we can really personalise it around you.

Where did he/she propose? Can we use the spot of the proposal. If it was a restaurant then most owners are really happy to help you re-create the scene. If it was a park then we already have a gorgeous location. If it was on vacation – well we’re game 🙂

Where did you meet? Same as the proposal venue, if it was a pub, concert or sports event again the venues are usually really happy to help.

In both cases it is really nice to send them some images afterwards. We will provide the right info and license so the images are properly credited and the venue has our permission to use the images.

What are your common hobbies? Do you like dancing, let’s re-create your favourite dance. Do you play sports or support a sports team: sports jerseys, scarves, sports wear all make fantastic props.

Do you have pets? Dogs especially are terrific add-ons to your shoot, especially when they are part of your family. Cats don’t usually work so well – they are too lovably self-centred to co-operate. If you have something more exotic like snakes, reptiles or something else then I’m certain we can manage.

What about your personalities? Are you quiet and romantic, we can set you up for some pretty, cozy, lovey-dovey photographs. Are you loud and boisterous always out for a good time – then we can do something much more exuberant. And if you want both, then that’s fine.

All our engagement photoshoots aim to show the whole you and your whole love story, so we like to express both who you are and how happy you are together.

If you would like to reserve your love story photoshoot at Portraits2Go.co.uk then simply phone 07802466302 to make your appointment.

Kissing on Camera!

Kissing on Camera!

It wouldn’t be much of an engagement or wedding session if there wasn’t a little cuddling, holding hands and kissing in shot. Now, we are not going to scare your parents (unless you really want to!) but you do want to look like you are together.

We have some nice, standard, formal poses that make you look nice and together without it being all over each other. We also have some more fun styles, that are modern and happy.


And when it comes to the kiss, well actually we are looking for just the moment before the lips actually meet. The anticipation looks so much better than the event on camera.

Oh, unlike our happy bride and groom here, the guy’s nose always goes behind the girls, we always want the girl at the front 🙂

Planning an Engagement Photoshoot. 

Perfect Timing for Your Engagement Session
At Portraits2Go.co.uk we suggest you book your engagement shoot as early as possible. Here are some reasons why:

If you are going to use any of the photos for “Save the Date” cards, invitations etc then remember they might need editing, you have to allow for printing time and getting them posted out to everyone – even the far corners of the earth.

We can provide a full print service for photo cards and photo invites by the way, please ask us for details.

While we do have some availability out of normal hours, you probably need to think about having an afternoon off. In fact you might want to treat yourselves to a special day out with your session being part of your fun day.

If you are having a location engagement shoot, remember we might need to re-schedule because of weather. It doesn’t happen often, but you don’t want to be running out of time because of a rainy day.

If you are using your engagement photos for a slideshow at the reception, then remember to choose them well in advance. Some people find choosing the right images can be quite time consuming.

We can create slideshows for you with exciting visual effects and music if you wish. We are happy to include other people’s photographs too if you have them (and have permission).