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S. D. Bell’s Tea

One of the simple pleasures of life on a dull December afternoon, with the bad news of another impending lockdown, and Christmas restrictions – a nice cup of S.D.Bell’s ‘Natural Leaf Tea,’ freshly brewed; golden brown and full of flavour.

One of my favourite local tastes!

Fujifilm X-T4, F=38mm, f/2.8, @ 1/250th sec on ISO250

S.D Bell’s are Ireland’s oldest independent tea merchant and coffee roaster. Established in Belfast in 1887, the firm continues to supply the finest teas and coffees from around the world. You can order on-line from them. Just click: https://sdbellsteacoffee.com

The Lockdown Logs #35

The Lockdown Logs

Dateline: May 6th 2020

There’s a certain beauty in freshly ploughed fields, they speak of a new beginning, of spring and new growth and a new start.  Word has just trickled down from Downing Street that there may be an easing of the Lockdown on Monday.  that would be good news for us, and perhaps a new start!

This idyllic horticultural scene was outside Comber just earlier today.

Fujifilm X-T30 F-155, f/8 @ 1/160th sec on ISO125

Comber Fields Up.jpg