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Ballystockart Mission Hall

Photography captures a moment in time – a moment that sometimes can never be recreated, and in that sense is an important tool in recording our local history (and our national and international history too).

These images are of the old Ballystockart Mission Hall, between Comber and Dundonald, where I preached one of my very first sermons, back in the 1970s.  It held great memories for me, for I had shared with the people my call to be the pastor at Annaghanoon, Co. Down.  As I left the building one lady asked, “Whereabouts in Africa are you going?”

The building has now been renovated and made into a lovely home, and these images were made after services in the hall had ceased, while it was still derelict, and awaiting renovation.  They were part of an exhibition in Newtownards Town Hall, (Conway Square) a few years back, and evoked some memories for many of the visitors, who left some very appreciative comments.  I included the monochrome image – just because it was shot on Black and White film, and I like the way it shows off the grain on the pole.

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