Bushmills Advertising Project

When I was studying for my HND Photography, one of the modules was Advertising Photography.  As part of the project, we had to select a well known company and create three adverting images that could be presented to that company.  I chose the famous ‘Old Bushmills’ Irish Whisky Distillery.  I researched their existing and previous advertising campaigns, and asked them how they wanted their product to be recognised – what was their unique selling point.  One of their brand images seemed to be the age of the old distillery – It was established early in the seventeenth century.  

I decided to make that concept the main thrust of my advertising suggestions, and to accentuate the timelessness of the brand.  I travelled to ‘the Giant’s Ring’ near Belfast to capture images of the ancient Dolmen there.  I captured the image of the Whiskey bottle in a light-tent, using a Nikon D700, and then in Photoshop, blended the shots, as an ancient distiller would have blended a fine whiskey!  Here’s the result:-

Giants ad

Oh, – I didn’t bother submitting the ad to Bushmills!