Doggy Studio-Buddies!

Try Studio Buddies for Your Dog-Photoshoot.

Dogs are smart! Sometimes smarter than we give them credit for. You’ll sometimes hear someone saying, “That dog has me wrapped round his paw – he knows how to get his own way!” Quite honestly, your dog often knows very well how to manipulate you to get what he wants. Just think of that expression he uses when you’re eating and he wants share, or the way he brings the ball to you to encourage you to play. Dogs are masters of persuasion.


In the studio, we find this can often be a bit of challenge, for you want your dog to sit and be good, and put on a lovely expression for the camera, and that’s what we want too. But what about Fido? He might be thinking it’s just a game, and he wants you to join in, and he knows how to get you to do just that, so he does the silly things that usually get your attention, or he might think he’s at the vets, and just wants out, and he knows you’ll take him out if he just does whatever it takes to persuade you. The owner gets frustrated!

So, many pet photographers think that it’s often a good idea if your dog is handled in the studio by a friend, someone with whom the dog hasn’t bonded quite so closely. If you have an interest in dogs, you are bound to know someone else with a similar interest. Why not team up, and book your dogs consecutive slots at the studio, and bring each other’s dogs into the studio, then while your own dog is being photographed, you can mind your friend’s dog, and be there to welcome your own dog when the session is over and reward him with a big hug and a treat.

Be aware though, that every dog is an individual, and what works for one may not work for another – another good reason to be at hand, in the studio reception, in case you are needed!