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Doggy Studio-Buddies!

Try Studio Buddies for Your Dog-Photoshoot.

Dogs are smart! Sometimes smarter than we give them credit for. You’ll sometimes hear someone saying, “That dog has me wrapped round his paw – he knows how to get his own way!” Quite honestly, your dog often knows very well how to manipulate you to get what he wants. Just think of that expression he uses when you’re eating and he wants share, or the way he brings the ball to you to encourage you to play. Dogs are masters of persuasion. Continue reading Doggy Studio-Buddies!

2016 Pet Portrait Awards Ceremony!

The Pet Portrait Awards Ceremony

Held at Expresso Cafe, Dundonald on Monday 14th November, when the winners of our local round of the competition were announced.  The evening began with an illustrated talk on the work of DogsTrust, given by Samuel Reid the Supporter Liaison Officer with the local DogsTrust Centre at Ballymena.

Samuel Reid of DogsTrust

Following Samuel’s talk Bob showed a video roundup of some of the dogs that he had photographed for the competition throughout the year.    The amounts raised were also announced, £6212.39 nationally, and our local total at Dundonald £265.

Then came the exciting moments, when the local prizewinners were announced, and in true competition order, they were announced in reverse order. Continue reading 2016 Pet Portrait Awards Ceremony!